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Selected Bibliography

The following works have been published online or in print media.


Powered by equal measures of hope and resolve, GKS aims to solve the world’s most complex problems by helping nonprofits, government entities, and corporations translate good intentions into concrete action. ​We bring together the world’s brightest minds and subject-matter experts to tackle some of the most complex and pressing challenges of our time. Our work includes strategy consulting and advisory services, growth and scaling support, and organizational effectiveness counsel. We also dive deep into issue areas through the creation of white papers, policy briefs and resource toolkits.

My role in the organization was blog editor and social media manager. Selected blogs:

Begging For Change

A Donkey on Tilt

Point Blank

Social Justice Is Everyone’s Business


A DNP's primary function is translational; we are meant to interpret nursing evidence and determine how to implement it effectively. That means assessing healthcare systems, how they need to evolve, and how to do it. A DNP is also a clinical degree; we have full prescriptive authority and autonomy within our scope of practice in Washington. My specialty is psychiatry. I am interested in the intersection of mental health and chronic illness, and changing how people perceive death and the end of their lives. I feel passionate about addressing racism and social injustice in the healthcare system and advocating to ameliorate the underlying issues that support continued disparities. I want to address how systemic disenfranchisement generates and reinforces those conditions. This means policy advocacy and a willingness to influence both the voting public and legislative bodies on issues pertaining to scientific and medical literacy and how they manifest in our legal system.


• White Paper: Health Equity is on the Table

• Executive Summary: Nursing Residency Program for Long-Term Care Facilities in Washington State

• Opinion: What Providence’s treatment of nurses means for patients.

• Opinion: The Need to Feed: Breastfeeding in Public.


Watch for future work. I am currently working on a nonfiction book, which is meant to be a handbook or tool useful for helping people with depression and anxiety. I'm currently consulting on a pilot program to test the NRP in LTC project, and expect to publish and present the results. Future goals include making a TED Talk about nursing.

Et cetera

To paraphrase Clifford Thurlow, a writer is someone who writes every day. Not everything I have written is strictly related to nursing or public health.

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