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Nursing is a Team Sport

+helpRN was developed with nurses and novices in mind to provide

evidence-based solutions to modern nursing problems.

Whether it's:

coaching or cheerleading

recruiting or recovering

learning or leading

+helpRN is for all levels of nurses across the profession.

We're here for you, so you can be there for them.


+helpRN hosts this free evidence-based resource for a nursing residency program that supports new nurses starting their first job in the specialty environment of long-term care in WA.


+helpRN hosts all kinds of continuing education opportunities for nurses and nurse practitioners. We also feature a directory of formal & informal online education providers and experiences.

Public Speaker

+helpRN believes in the power of nurses. Whether it's speaking out about patient care or community health issues, we think nurses have an obligation to use their voices.


+helpRN grew out of a desire to provide supportive resources for new nurses that did not come with a hefty cost; we just wanted to help nurses. Our focus has expanded to promote ongoing nurse education and advocacy.

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